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Pertinent to our Trade-TECH Portfolio activity, Skull Group only offers smart high-tech store/own/private label electronic products and accessories, of high guaranteed/reliable quality and very competitive consumer based pricing, via our supply chain, to completely annul manufacturer's competition in its oligopolistic market structure, but aggressively and dominantly compete in the niche suppliers market of high-tech consumer electronic products, electronic gadgets, and electronic accessories to retailers globally.

Our Approach:

Smart, Innovative High-Tech products, which can be supplied to our clients at customer-driven prices as store/own/private labels, are fundamental to our business and key to our success, as this is our strategic value proposition to our Trade-TECH related clients.

Skull Group INC. does not currently manufacture any smart high-tech electronic product, and we only sell in bulk quantity to retailers and not per unit to end users (final consumers).

To furnish our clients with our value proposition, we use the intelligent interpretation of scientifically gathered data, to source suppliers who produce products that perfectly fits our value proposition, and assist them in remaining more innovative and competitive, by furnishing competitive intelligence gathered from inputs received from our clients via their consumers, and other beneficial sources.

We consistently work very closely with our suppliers to identify new concepts, and assist them with intelligently gathered data, on how to remain innovative, and produce exclusively products that perfectly meets and fits the needs and wants of the consumers, of our customers, thus, creating a very healthy mutually beneficial relationship consistently, where we constantly aim for all our suppliers to be very proactive in bringing to us new opportunities (innovative smart products) so that we can successfully grow together, and remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

Our targeted customers are large, medium and small scale retailers, companies, organizations, and government agencies who require bulk quantities of private-label product for internal or external corporate requirements, where we are required to provide them with consistent service, high product quality and smart innovative products that provide consumer-delight for the final consumer.

Our suppliers contained in our supply chain are sourced on a global scale, and are not limited to continental boundaries, which enables us to fully exploit the benefits of globalization.

All our suppliers meet our very strict high standard of smart innovation, service, consumer-driven pricing, ISO certified products, and high quality products with at least a 1 year guarantee from the period of final sale to the end consumer.

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